Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Week in A Life with Liz

I gatta tell Ya the planning part of being a travel nurse sucks!(oops)! I mean gets tiring! Each time I move I have to make out this list of things that I have to do and get done - Yuck! Then add trying to move your things in the freezing cold with it snowing on you! But the bright side is that the sun is out, I haven't suffered a heart attack yet from going up and down the stairs, and the main roads are clear for my travel. So I finally get going, going, going and going listening to my home made CDs of my favorite music.... Iam going along just fine, Iam in Illinois,close to the Missiouri state line.... when I get pulled over for speeding!!!! Me???? I didn't think I had energy to speed anywhere, EVER!!! well my right foot had other thoughts because it got heavy.... the Deputy Sheriff was young and very nervous,and I was just happy to be out of the sleet and snow, So I was nice to him and took my ticket, like a respectable lady(while cussing him under my breath):)...Went om my merry way with my 75.00 dallor ticket!! Now by this time Iam getting tired,and my neck is hurting ,because I pulled somethng!!! A good friend(Kimber) reminds me that, I have the twilight book on audio to listen too!!! yeepee !!! so I pull over get me some motrin, feed and walk my Charlie, get me some nourishing food like - mixture of chips, cherry coke, and king size baby ruth bar!!! and away we go.... It was way awesome listening to the twilight book!!! after a long while I finally made it home to my daughters house, spent the night there, saw the grand-babies signed on to Eharmony..... long strory short met a guy by the name of Don..... and We are meeting for lunch this week this one does not sound like a whiner, nor does he sound like a girl!!! nor does he talk like a girl!!! He sounds all male!!!! Amen. So we shall see how that So now I am hanging around my youngest daughter giving her grief... hehe! and playing with the grandbabies until I get another contract! Which I hope is real soon....Until next time.... Take Care of You! and Thats Life with Liz

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Blog Award

You are Awesome Kim!!! Thank you so much!